Cake Pops (CP) - $21.00/dozen

Please choose 1 or 2 cake flavors and 1 or 2 candy coating flavors per dozen.

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Vanilla: Whether this reminds you of a birthday cake or a wedding cake, you will love it! This decadent cake has a wonderful vanilla flavor which makes it a personal favorite. Chocolate: Who doesn't like chocolate cake? This moist, rich chocolate cake will satisfy any cravings you have for cake. Red Velvet: This is a flavorful cake that is as pretty to bite into as it is to fun to eat. It is a Southern favorite. Carrot Cake: Sounds healthy doesn't it? This wonderful cake has just the right amount of spices. It is moist and delicious. Butter Pecan: Talk about a southern style cake. This creamy buttery cake may not be made with real pecans but it still packs in the flavor. It is a fan favorite. Strawberry: This sweet little cake has real flecks of strawberries inside, which add to the flavor. One of the best ways to eat this one is covered in chocolate. How to Store Your Cake Pops:
Cake Pops do not need to be refrigerated but do need to be kept away from heat, as they will melt. Refrigerating them will cause condensation and will make the Confectioner's Candy Coating sweat when taken out of the fridge. Cake Pops will remain fresh up 2 weeks, if you can keep from eating them for that length of time. (None of our products are made with real nuts or are made near nuts of any kind)
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